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Um, so it was christmas after all, along with presents, silly trees and everything. While my parents didn't want to give me an iPod, which I more than hinted at a couple of times, probably because they thought it's too much money for yet another technical toy, there were still a couple of other nice things to be found:

Firstly a huge inflatable ball for sitting on. I plan to use it in my office as I keep folding my legs onto my chair when sitting at my desk, which in turn makes my knees hurt. I figured having a ball will force me to sit properly and is said to be quite healthy for your back and everything else as well. It also looks funny and it's fun to sit on a slightly bouncy ball. The ball itself is a bit colourless, but perhaps there is as way to decorate it later on.

Secondly, poster for White Stripes and Strokes concertand this is probably the coolest present I got, there is a poster art print by Dennis Loren for a White Stripes and The Strokes concert. And it's not only for two brilliant bands but it looks pretty cool as well. In fact it looks even better for real than on the screen as some of the black and skin coloured areas are in fact printed in some sort of shiny ink. The poster is even signed by the artist. Now I'll just have to figure out a good way to hang it. I thought about framing it, but having it behind glass may destroy the effect of the shiny ink. So I may have to go with my trusty old foldback-clip and push pin method after all. It's proven to be quite gentle to the posters I used it on so far.

Thirdly, cover of CD setI got an impressive CD set from ECM records, which is probably the best CD company around both for your ears and your eyes. As it features recordings of many jazzy artists from Keith Jarret to Jan Garbarek to the Art Ensemble of Chicago and five others, it will be a good opportunity to get to know more serious modern music. I found out so far that parts of the CDs aren't exactly suited for putting on during dinnertime as they contain a couple of very experimental pieces.

Furthermore there was a Dilbert wall calender that I'll put up in my office and a book with texts by Glenn Gould given to me by my brother. Unfortunately I already have a copy of this very book, so I'll have to figure out what to do with it. My parents also threw in some extra cash which is of course always a useful thing to have.

December 29, 2002, 0:59

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