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On christmas day, Leif came over from his mom's place about 20 kilometres away from Bremen and we went out for the night. We went to the Tower for their special christmas event. The event was DJed by two guys, one of whom has a radio show on Bremen's public access radio and your favourite MP3-streaming application. His radio show is called Popscene, just as one of the discos the students' union at Warwick ran (well, in fact our lovely Offbeat-DJs) and with the same style of music.

In fact it was back then when this first came to my attention as Mr. Smiles (or Dr. Smiles as they say these days) had Googled around for Popscene and found that there was this radio show in my home town with the same name. From its website I learned that the guy also DJed a night and the plan emerged to go there since - and only one and a half years later I managed to go to this christmas special.

The music was fine - a night filled with many if not all of my favourites, no NuMetal crap music at all, friendly people and DJs who didn't just shrug at requests because they don't know the bands but would in fact play them later on. Excellent. Although I start getting the impression that I am among the elder half of the audience by now - quarter life crisis anyone?

I also saw that the had little old Classic-style Macs used as cashiers behind the bar. Just with a numeric keypad and a cash-drawer attached to it. Made paying for the drinks less painful. Bremen is a bit more expensive than Göttingen. Konni is trying to develop something similar for his restaurant

December 29, 2002, 1:15

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