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Yesterday, Jean and me went to town to shop a bit. I was still short of a christmas present for my brother anyway and it seemed a good opportunity. While it was quite crowded, we made our way to a nice record store which had a surprisingly good range of LPs on offer. For example they had all three White Stripes LPs on offer, which I hadn't seen in Germany before. I couldn't resist and had to buy two albums: Low's Things we lost in the Fire and the new Godspeed you Black Emperor album. Both a bit on the slow side. As usual, Jean got even more records - and will probably soon blame me for dragging him there and making him broke.

Then we proceeded to my favourite Hifi-dealer as I had to discuss a few things with him. We relaxed there for a while listeing to Jean's new Johnny Cash record. As always, his high-end system (costing the equivalent of a small house), sounded brilliant. Despite being sceptic at first, Jean couldn't resist liking it. Just a few more decades of saving then…

On our way back I passed the shoe store where I recently bought a pair of shoes that still squeak terribly on every step I make. To my surprise the immediately acknowledged that this is a problem with the shoes and I'll get a new pair. They'll even send it to their Göttingen branch, when they get it.

At night we went for dinner and chatting to an old teacher of ours.

December 24, 2002, 14:53

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