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In the 'a fool and his money are parted soon' department, I must admit that I couldn't resist buying a T-Shirt at the Strokes concert last Sunday. They were a bit overpriced, unfortunately, but they had a nice Japanese/English one saying ザ・ストロークス on the front and The Strokes on the back. Photo of UnicodeChecker shirt In addition it's brown which goes well with my plan to buy no more black, white or blue T-Shirts as I definitely have enough of those.

In the white shirt department, I think I never really presented the nice UnicodeChecker shirt I made for Steffen and myself. It contains the UnicodeChecker icon, along with its name in Japanese, as seen in the Japanese Mac magazine review of the application. And on the back it has the Mac progress indicator with earthlingsoft.net beneath it. It came out rather well, I think. Perhaps we should offer some of them with one of those online T-Shirt printers.

December 20, 2003, 19:17

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