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On Image of Japanese article on UnicodeCheckerits way straight to eternal fame our (well, Steffen's) apparently incredibly useful tool UnicodeChecker made it to get reported on in the Japanese MacPeople magazine. Now, while our apps have been mentioned in other magazines before, this wasn't a first. What made it exciting, though, is that the editor was decent enough to contact us first and send Steffen a copy of the magazine which arrived today.

Now we've got a brief report on "ウニコードチェッカー", as depicted in the image. Next step, is finding out what exactly they wrote.

I bumped into two other tools which look quite promising: Kung-Log, a little app for blogging without a web browser. I'm trying it out on this entry and hope it will work just fine. The UI doesn't look 100% pretty to me - but its nothing that a minute in Interface Builder can't fix. [Update: There's still a bit more do to - the application failed to post/encode the Japanese characters correctly.)

The other one is LaunchBar which provides quick access to many things at my fingertips. It looks quite useful altough I haven't found it as life-changing as other people - yet. While certain features as unified access to addresses, web bookmarks, applications and files are appealing, I'd probably prefer a properly functioning Finder.

December 15, 2002, 1:37

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