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No Friday without Monday

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The good people of the Haldern festival seem to be working hard to give us an exciting line-up once more. I almost feel like they’ve been religiously reading this site and tried to give me many of the people I’ve been writing about.

We have Franz Ferdinand who played a fantastic gig at Hurricane last year and in many other place as people say; then there are Mando Diao whom I have cherished since I first saw them and who are getting deservedly popular right now – unfortunately with a bit too many teenage girls for my taste (hm, hm, I’m starting to feel ancient); also from Sweden is Moneybrother (who I really do not like but who’s liked by our favourite girls on music television); from Germany come Tocotronic whose best times seem to be over (i.e. I didn’t like their last two albums despite absolutely loving them before) but who’ll be nice to see anyway and The Robocop Kraus whose gig in January we enjoyed a lot. Add to that Nada Surf, St. Thomas, Kaiser Chiefs – who are named just like a South African football club and who were surprisingly played in KLM’s in-flight indie music channel, but whom I don’t like too much and The Polyphonic Spree who’ll be great to see at a festival.

That’s quite an impressive line-up for a small festival like Haldern. Perhaps a bit too impressive, even. Even in the incomplete line-up they have now there are more well known names than in the previous years. In the worst case it might draw too many people who don’t blend in with the whole slow and comfortable spirit of the festival. In the best case it’ll mean that I might be able to convince more people to join me there than before and that we’ll have a great time… The only other thing I hope is that they’ll get some more bands I don’t know. ‘Accidentally’ getting to know new music like that on festivals is just a great thing and shouldn’t be left out.

Oh, and this years motto will be Kein Freitag ohne Montag, no Friday without Monday…

Haldern Pop Festival

April 1, 2005, 0:55

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