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Following the photo course I took in January I tried to take more black and white photos. Particularly during my holiday in South Africa. Now I’ve got a few films with photos on them and they need to be developed. Of course I want to do that myself. So the first steps were to go to eBay and look for some of the gadgets I need to do that. As there is only one store selling those things in Göttingen – and at quite high prices I am told – the chance to only pay half or the third of the price I’d pay here, made it worth getting used stuff and the hassle that is eBay.

The black bag and developing box.

I got a black bag in which you can insert the films, your hands and some tools to open the films in complete darkness and fiddle them into the little spiral that goes into the box where the developing takes place. I also got said box. As the box itself is light-proof, this means you won’t need a darkroom for developing the negatives and can do it at home. That’s nice.

As an extra bonus, the black developing box has a rather strong magnet at the bottom. I think you can buy machines that use this magnet to rotate the thing electrically when developing film, thus saving you the effort. A fun side effect, however, is that you can also stick the box on your radiator or metal pieces of furniture…

The developing box magneted to furniture and my broken Powerbook charger

On that photo, also enjoy the sight of my Powerbook Yo-Yo power adaptor which after having been broken and fixed quite a few times now is once more in a state of brokenness. Right now you need to apply some pressure to it to make it work. A lot of pressure. Sitting Nibbler, my Mac SE on it – to give it an important role in today’s world of computing – wasn’t enough, but using the metal cabinet under my desk at home or the 19 inch display in my office does the trick.

April 9, 2005, 21:01

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