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Dear Wendy

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Ever since seeing Festen ages ago and starting to consider it one of the best films I know, I thought I should see other films by Thomas Vinterberg, its director. He hasn’t made that many films and somehow I never saw them. So having his new film Dear Wendy in cinemas was a great opportunity to catch up.

To kill any anticipation: chances that he could make another film as brilliant were pretty low. And those chances were right. He missed that by far. Still, Dear Wendy remains an OK film. A film about guns. A film about young people trying to love guns without loving to shoot people. They have their ideals, they try hard, they mean the best, and they fail.

Unlike the Dogma films, Dear Wendy looks well filmed and nicely lit and coloured. The few scenes with (deliberate) blurriness in them look out of place. Lars von Trier receives writing credits for this film. But looking at it reminded me of von Trier’s recent films Dogville and Manderlay: The whole film takes place around a single square in a small town. And while there are real buildings in Dear Wendy, those aren’t all that important. And in between we even see a map of that town square with all the house outlines visible on it – making it quite similar to the stage setup used in von Trier’s films.

Close up shot of Wendy

Lee is cold as ice
Grant is hot as hell
I think they are both real nice
And I hope it all ends well

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November 25, 2005, 2:00

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