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First Shirt

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People say that tumble dryers tend to destroy clothes more quickly than wear and tear do. That’s a good thing in a way as I’ve accumulated loads of clothes, particularly T-Shirts over the years and I can never push myself to actually throw some of them away. Because, you know, I really liked that shirt ten years ago. And our tumble dryer may help solving that problem a little, particularly as I’ve started to like making my own shirts.

While doing the laundry today I rediscovered what could very well be the first shirt I made myself. The file I used to make it was last edited in summer 1995, so that probably dates the shirt. (Probably quite exactly, as the font on the shirt is Skia which IIRC came with System 7.5 – QuickDraw GX goodness even – and that made it to our house around that time.) Compared to the newer stuff I’ve done by now, it’s a bit boring. But back then going to the copy shop and using the ‘copy & paste’ method on a white shirt was about the only thing you could do:

SVEN T-Shirt, could do with some ironing

To make things even less spectacular: The design itself is a blatant rip-off. If memory serves, I was at Centre Pompidou – that’s in Paris – shortly before and saw a T-Shirt there with a similar four-letter and arrows design there, giving me the idea for that shirt. Just that I used a better four letter word. Unfortunately I can’t remember at all what the original’s word was, nor whose work it was based on.

January 29, 2006, 23:56

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