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As it starts being season for plums, I saw them pop up in the supermarket recently already. And this weekend (after and enormous amount of household chores – my room just is a really bad dust-trap) I gave in bought some to make a plum cake. Opinions on plums differ. Some prefer them in a sweeter state, others in a more sour one. These were mildly sour and nice and firm rather than being mushy.

Plum seeds

Making a plum cake is really easy. You just make a yeast dough, put the plums on top, add a bit of sugar if they’re sour and bake. So it’s just removing the seeds and making the dough that’s an effort. I went for the recently discovered approach of making the yeast dough a rich one with plenty of butter and eggs and for going with a lot of kneading and little extra flour rather than the other way round. And it worked out brilliantly.

Plum cake

Now I just need make sure I get my fair share before my flatmates do…

August 13, 2006, 20:45

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