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Experimental Dental School

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I am frequently lamenting that Göttingen is a rather dull place – particularly if you like to see bands. So I was happy to hear there were bands playing in a cafe just down the road tonight. Not necessarily my exact taste of music, but still worth going.

The gig was started by Mischief Brew – a guy, Erik Petersen and his acoustic guitar who were on the last stop of his European tour before returning to Philadelphia (and his dog) tomorrow morning. With the acoustic guitar and slightly aggressive singing, the music reminded me a bit of the ‘Antifolk’ stuff and I was reminded of Joie Dead Blonde Girlfriend a few times.

Somewhat irritatingly, Erik stood and occasionally jumped around in a way that kept reminding me of bands like Greenday in posturing . – Causing a bit of cognitive dissonance in me. Aside from that Erik was really nice to his small small-town audience and even inserted explanations for strange words in his lyrics, so they made sense. He’ll also be back soon with his band in just a few weeks supporting Robocop Kraus who’ll be in Göttingen once more.

Mischief Brew

Shortly afterwards Experimental Dental School, two guys and a girl from Oakland, came on. Their band name along sounds pretty painful – and in parts their music was as well, for being rather loud in the small room. But apart from the physically strenuous noise levels it was fine – aggressive drumming and distorted guitar sounds from a rather angular guitar attached to a boatload of effect boxes giving an interesting combination together with electronic keyboard blips.

Experimental Dental School playing

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October 23, 2006, 2:13

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