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A while ago, a friend let me know that there was a fun thing going on in some café in Berlin: Basically a ‘big printer company’ had hired the café and turned it into a ‘gallery’ for a few weeks. Something that had apparently been done in other cities before. With the things on exhibition being posters made by anyone who wanted to make one. You bring the file, they do the A0-printing and hanging. With the first posters being replaced as soon as the capacity was exceeded.

As I’m the guy who’s always saying Hm, need to make a shirt of that or Wouldn’t it be cool to have this as a poster?, it was suggested that I make a poster for it as well… and there I went having two main ideas: The first being a nice A0 version of that tube station photo which I really like, the other being a variation of my Waffles of Mass Deliciousness shirt design. In the end we went for the latter – with me being able to use one of the earlier and more elaborate versions of that design that just couldn’t be done on a T-Shirt in that way.

I also added additional layers, chucked in some transparency for good measure and added my favourite background to it… which was eventually printed and put up. The only problem being that no one of us actually managed to see it in the days when the poster was hanging, so this wasn’t quite as exciting as it might sound. However – and that’s the best part now – you could pick up the poster after things were finished and now I have a nice huge Waffles of Mass Deliciousness poster hanging in the corridor – printed in rather good quality on nice and thick paper:

Waffles poster hanging in our corridor

I suspect there may have been some colour management issue with the poster when printing and things look much bluer on the printout than they were on screen. Particularly the background looks blue while it was a very light brown/beige by design. But I don’t know a lot about colour management, so I can’t complain. And strictly matching the colours luckily wasn’t essential for this one.

Detail of the Waffles Poster

November 27, 2006, 9:44


Comment by Dave2: User icon

Sweet! Prints like that are pretty expensive, so getting one for free is pretty spiffy.

November 27, 2006, 16:20

Comment by ssp: User icon

Definitely. I didn’t even know I’d get the print to keep in the end, so that was a great extra surprise!

November 27, 2006, 17:12

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