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Hurricane 2007 Friday

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This is about the first day of the Hurricane festival 2007 in Scheeßel. See also: Hurricane Saturday, Sunday and Roundup – or all Hurricane pages here.

The beginning of this year’s festival was a bit chaotic. Of course my friends were late, thanks to both their organisational skills and the wonders of traffic. After we finally arrived, we settled for the first camp ground possible which was still reasonably empty and not even that far away from the grounds. Getting our stuff there from the cars and putting up the tents still took a while though. Luckily I could borrow my mum’s garden ‘party tent’ which should protect us from rain soon after. And which our camp ground neighbours were a bit jealous about. Unfortunately all these formalities meant that I missed The Rakes whom I would have quite enjoyed to see.

Actually things dragged out quite a bit and I also missed Snow Patrol (which I could handle as I didn’t think their current album is too impressive) and also Jet (who seem a bit one hit wonder like anyway) but instead had a barbecue before leaving for the festival grounds. And as nice as the idea of bringing your own barbecue is, it probably just doesn’t make much sense as it means extra carrying, costs a lot of time and with the meat which you can ‘store’ for two days on a campground isn’t significantly better than stuff you buy from the food stalls.

But I digress… Another problem was my camera’s broken screen which means that all the photos I took were taken in ignorance of the camera’s setting and without being able to manipulate them. That’s all right at day time. But as soon as the light isn’t perfect, you just need to tweak the settings to have a chance of getting photos that make sense. Well, I didn’t. So I’ll just put absurdly bad photos here.

The first band we saw were Die Fantastischen Vier who are some ancient German hip hop act. While everybody – including myself – knows some of their songs, I never liked them (or any other hip hop, rap or whatever). So yeah, possibly nice show but I predictably wasn’t impressed.

Blurry crowd

Next I went into the little tent, which thanks to the festival growing a bit seemed much larger and essentially a Coca-Cola ad. Cold War Kids were playing there. And they were all right. But they didn’t impress me more live than when being played from media. Which isn’t all that much. I thought I could ‘get’ what the buzz is about. Oh well.

Cold War Kids playing on stage

Before going back to meet my friends again, I also spent some time with The Good, The Bad and The Queen who were ‘all right’ as well. And a bit dull / old fashioned. And whom I also didn’t ‘get’ on the occasion. Hm, this isn’t shaping up too well, is it?

Blurry The Good, The Bad and The Queen photo from a video display

Despite my general despise of Hip Hop I didn’t mind seeing The Beastie Boys a bit later. I’m not a great fan of their music but they certainly have loads of clever ideas and aren’t to be underestimated. I guess I still like their videos better than seeing them live though. Good videos.

Beastie Boys on stage - blurry of course

The evening finished off with Queens of the Stone Age playing. Again, they are a band which I can respect in some odd way but which I don’t really like. I guess the best QoTS songs I ever heard was the cover version of No One Knows which Divine Comedy played with an orchestra in Haldern in 2004.

Light shining into the audience

And that was the first day already! Luckily I had enough to drink to find falling asleep easy as the big day was going to be Saturday.

June 23, 2007, 1:59

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