Quarter Life Crisis

Problems I observed with software. This includes my posts on the Bug Report Friday for Apple-related bugs. Find more Bug Report Friday posts across the web on delicious.
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Bug Reporting

2691 words, 4 images

Mac OS X Display FAIL

513 words, 1 image

WebKit Quirk 1b

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Bug Reports

2177 words

Bug Report Friday: Spotlight

429 words

Bug Report Friday: Encryption Preferences in Mail

507 words, 1 image

Bug Report Friday: Authentication dialogue in German

528 words, 2 images

Bug report Friday: iPod

798 words, 3 images

Bug Report Friday: Threading in Mail

418 words

Bug Report Friday: Safari auto-fill

835 words, 1 image

Bug Report Friday: Nicknames

481 words

Bug Report Friday

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