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This morning I saw an ad in the paper by the tobacco industry, who want to convince people that cigarette ads aren't bad after all and the discussion of banning them shouldn't go ahead. In particular they claim that no non-smoker will turn into a smoker by cigarette ads just as no veggie will turn into a meat-eater by meat ads. Hm, a weak comparison, isn't it - considering that being a vegetarian is mostly an 'opt-out' thing while smoking is 'opt-in'.

Also, they claim that they don't want to turn non-smokers into smokers and you shouldn't smoke more cigarettes than you really enjoy. Now this reeks like phoney rhetoric and they should be told off by their shareholders for this - every extra cigarette they sell, means extra profits after all. Do they think anybody is buying their story? It looks like the cluetrain has non-smoking coaches only.

November 1, 2002, 11:22

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