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Dancing with the big Girls

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Yesterday, my flatmates Birgit and Christine and me went out to Zartbitterparty. Music was OK this time but it was terribly crowded after a while - possibly due to the fact that the University is running some kind of propaganda day today promoting change of some sort or another, which probably means closing down of non-mainstream departments at the end of the day. In particular this means that there are no lectures today and everybody was going out.

With both of them being rather tall girls (as opposed to tiny anorexic girlies), this proved an advantage once more as it is some kind of help in fighting for dancefloor real estate (partially against aforementioned girlies). Needless to say, we won. Still we left quite early as it was getting just too crowded and hot. We simply had a drink elsewhere afterwards.

November 7, 2002, 11:35

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