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Le Weekend

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This has been a busy week-end. First, Leif and Carola finished their degree, so we started off having sparkly drinks on Friday morning - which left me rather sleepy for my seminars later on. And at night, there was their big degree-party, which was - well - quite long and big. I even got to DJ once again - hurray! And as far as I can tell they even liked about half of it. I was also pretty wasted - or so I'm told. I definitely felt like it the next morning, when I was off for an early start to the railway station to go and visit my parents for my mum's birthday.

After arriving in Bremen, we went for a shopping trip, which left me with a new pullover, trousers and shoes. But finding those was a bit of a pain. Partly because I tend to be rather picky, partly beacuse the world just seemed a bit too loud, bright and fast for me at the time and partly because the one sales-guy was a bit hyperarctive and wanted me to try out everything. After I had found a nice pullover, my mum saw that it had a little hole, so we couldn't take it (after all, she paid... :) and had to start over again.

This also made me wonder why the hell, clothesmakers can't simply produce the same clothes and shoes every year. This would make shopping quite a bit easier. I had these really nice boots a couple of years ago, which I wore until they broke beyond repair. Want to get another pair? Tough.

Back at my parents' house I finally got the opportunity to play around with our new Airport cards. And they're just too nice :). Putting it into my dad's Powerbook was quick and there was no hassle at all getting it to run. Just a few mouse clicks later I could use the Internet on my Powerbook in the living room - no strings attached. Very neat. After also clicking the 'Printer Sharing' button on my dad's computer, his printer appeared in my Print Center in no time at all, no extra clicking needed. I wonder if this was the mysterious new Rendezvous stuff at work. If it was, I all for it.

Later some friends of my mum came over and we had a large Fondue for dinner. Very nice with all the sauces and this tasty salad containing unlikely things like peas and bacon that my mum learned about in South Africa. Not to forget the brilliant mango dessert from the same source.

On Sunday, the actual birthday we simply had breakfeast and of course cake later on and the leftovers of the Fondue for dinner. A relaxing day. This morning I borrowed my mum's car to come back here (and go to Cologne next weekend). Driving it without having a decent tape with me, reminded me of why I stopped listening to the radio. In short - it sucks big time. Most stations seem to play their own tacky jingles and equally crappy charts music all the time (plus commercial breaks, of course). Sickening, particularly as most of the so-called music was by those modern crybitches.

Also, going by car isn't exactly comfy. I could've easily typed all this after answering all my e-mail on the train. After I arrived, I cleaned up a little as my room looked like a huge mess, with all the clothes from Friday and the empty CD covers scattered over the place - I had left rather hurriedly after all. This was a bit embarassing as I let Claus stay at my place while I was away.

November 11, 2002, 21:27

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