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I am thinking of taking a holiday in March, halfway throught the university vacation, going to visit Stephie in Oslo and my friends back at Warwick. To do so I checked the offerings of various web sites and came up with a genius itinerary along the lines of

Wow, quite a bit of traveling and not too expensive. Note that, with a bit of luck, flying is ridiculously cheap and railway journeys tend to be overpriced.

That much for the masterplan - that's why I spent a long time on the phone warning the people I am going to visit - making sure I won't have to sleep under a bridge. The only bad thing is, my plan failed - my brother most possibly won't be there at that time, so the convenience of visiting many people in one go vanished. Furthermore it seems that my parents want to go on holiday to Portugal at exactly the same time and invite us. I've never been to Portugal and they'll definitely be happier if we joing them. So my plan is wrecked basically which means that I'll have to spend even more time on all those websites to get an affordable deal and also that I'll have to hassle my friends even more when re-scheduling everthing. This sucks.

There'll definitely a market for a program that simply shows you a map - you'll give it an approximate itenerary and how much you're prepared to deviate from it - and then checks out all those web sites for the best deal. Taking into account all those niceties as viability of reaching a certain flight, which friends are where etc. Going through these web sites is a pain, you'll have to re-check flights for every day on most and they can't handle 'fuzzy' request like fly from any airport that's easy to reach from Göttingen, they'll rather have you re-check their offerings for each one. After doing all this, you probably know more about flight timetables and pricings than you're comfortable with.

January 31, 2003, 1:24

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