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As it's my brother's birthday tomorrow, I thought this was a good excuse to buy my Powerbook G4 a nice 512MB memory chip and give the old 256MB chip I had to him to use in his iMac as a birthday present. It still seems a bit silly to me to have that much memory, which sort of is roughly a thousand times as much as anybody possibly needs (yep, that was a cheap joke), but I saw my dad's Powerbook G3 running with 640MB and found it much smoother in terms of hard disk access, despite being slower. As I tend to use many applications and dislike quitting them, having the extra memory looks like a good idea. Also, it made a nice present.

While 640MB of memory I think that unlike the G3 Powerbook, where you can upgrade memory, hard drive, Airport very easily, the G4 Powerbook isn't terribly well-engineered. For Airport and hard drive stuff you need to take off the (plastic?) bottom plate, which is fixed by eight screws, at least one of which has to be inserted at an angle in my Powerbook. All this doesn't make the machine look very good. However, the contrary is true for memory upgrades. Taking a guess how long your work will be interrupted by the memory upgrade on a laptop computer, less than five minutes probably isn't what most people would say. But it's true. My (estimated) timing was about the following:

Adding these up gives about 5 minutes (I have to admit that I skipped a few of the 23 steps Apple suggests, though). Not too bad.

January 23, 2003, 23:30

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