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As Screenshot of similar icons in the Dockwe all know, MacOS X loves displaying gorgeous 'lickable' icons on the screen. They're pretty, particularly when they're large. The bad thing is that making large icons is easier than making (good) small icons, thus people, including myself, who aren't skilled at making icons don't provide smaller version of their icons - making them potentially hard to recognise in small sizes.

That's one problem with the icons, but there is another one. Following Apple's rather sleek 'Aqua' look, many icon designers seem to feel compelled to come up with similary sleek and blue icons. Looking at the Dock, you'll find that there is an unduly high number of blue, round icons - which makes it very hard to 'aim' for them as you actually have to look at them to tell them apart.

Is Apple aware of this? They may be - after all the Address Book's icon changed from blue to brown in X.2. On the other hand they just introced YABI with Safari, so I'm not too optimistic.

Being painfully aware now that the main thing about icons is their main shape and colour rather than all the splendid details, we should keep in mind to keep icons iconic.

February 3, 2003, 23:07


Comment by davoid: User icon

i agree. it has often annoyed me, the number of blue icons. what is it with blue?

September 8, 2005, 15:10

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