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It seems like the 'getting-onto-the-internet' problem for Nibbler that I just mentioned doesn't really exist. While MacTCP would display as my IP address – suggesting nothing works, actually trying to use a program (an ancient version of Anarchie in this case) 'just worked'. So now I've got an internet connection as well on the old machine.

It remains to see how useful that will be. I thought getting a copy of Netscape 1.1N would be sufficient to get it to run on a machine of that age. But firstly the memory requirements are too high for my 2,5 MB in the SE and the application crashed the machine immediately. Screenshot of Mosaic on Nibbler Now I got a copy of Mosaic 1.0.3 which at least runs but is very slow and crashed the machine a bit later as well. Any other suggestions for a web browser (and a terminal program for that sake – Nifty Telnet SSH crashed)?

Looking at Mosaic causes me to think a couple of things:

February 21, 2003, 2:42

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