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I've jst been on a trip to AppleScript hell. Actally it wasn't too bad this time. I cleaned p my script for generating my school class' website atomagically from the address book, enabling a new script for sending mail withot being able to see the address – ths allowing people not knowing the password to send e-mail to everybody withot ptting the addresses ot for the preying spammers.

Yo may have noticed the distinct lack of the letter 'u' in this post so far. Fact is. I can't type them anymore. It's not the keyboard. Both the Powerbook's bilt-in and the external keyboard are affected and the Key Caps tility actally displays the keypresses. Odd. Some application mst be eating them and I sppose the problem shold be gone after a logot. Jst that I don't want to close all applications now. Bgger.

May 12, 2003, 0:58

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