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With WWDC and yet another Steve Jobs keynote coming close, the Mac community is slowly becoming hysterical about 'leaked' specs of new machines and screenshots. Regarding new PowerMacs with high clock speeds, we'll see who really believed the Megahertz Myth. Will people start boasting high clock speeds, should they become available or be reasonable and stick to the 'fast enough' theme. In my opinion, even my 400MHz G4 is fast enough for most things, so very few people should actually need increased processing power.

Ragarding the leaked X.3 screenshots, having a quick look at them, they suggest that instead of introducing ever more settings, Apple is going the sane way and merging different settings into one, thus reducing the clutter. Judging from one of the screenshots, they may even have to the same conclusion as me regarding the location of the settings for printing: in the System Preferences rather than Print Center. I also like the trend of introducing more French names into computing... Let's see what the coming days and months have in store for us.

I came across this interesting text regarding the increased number of people using Macs in public and the relations between those people. I am particularly intrigued by the latter idea and have though about it myself a couple of times. Frequently you'll find that there are little networks of Mac users evolving. It could be funny to have those relations listed and cross-referenced, a bit like in the Mathematics Genealogy Project or BlogTree, along with information on their Macs as the machines tend to get passed around.

I just tried to quickly sketch my Maciverse and it took the better part of a page. Perhaps someone could slam all the information and relations into a database and make a website of it?

June 22, 2003, 17:19

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