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Yesterday I happened to zap across The Music Room on CNN where some chick was mouthing badly intonated sound bites between the 'reports'. When reporting about music or other things that people may actually care about, having a trustworthy reporter rather than just an arbitrary presenter seems to be particularly important.

While CNN may have enough resources to find out what sells well around the world and what's considered 'hip', they still seem fairly incompetent at the topic – handily giving a two bullet-point description and out-of-five star rating of the songs they present. Not only do these ratings clearly carry an editor's opinion, thus not being as impartial as you'd like a news source to be, they also show that you can't simply squeeze every topic in to a handful of 'no-further-knowledge-required' bullet points. Not everything is as trivial as business.

The Music Room: MTV on Powerpoint.

In the 'upcoming and hip' category they featured The Raveonettes, by the way. They seem to be taking the role of the advocatus diaboli lately. First time I saw them in colour. They look better in black and white.

August 2, 2003, 17:18

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