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Jörg came to visit for a few days because he was in the region for a conference. He also brought his girlfriend's iBook (eeek, Myriad replacing Apple Garamond is a very bad idea) and his poor little heavily scratched iPod. It was the opportunity for my Powerbook to lose its iPod virginity. It was also the first third generation iPod I saw for real. My impression: the non-mechanic scroll wheel works surprisingly well. Although I'd prefer having physical feedback. The light turning itself on promptly but fading out smoothly is the best of the worlds of practical and cool. I disliked the 'Menu' button. It seemed the only way to navigate 'up' through the menu structure. It's quite small. Via The Register, Steve Ballmer's iPod ad. (Flash, not working in my Safari).

We also tried out FireWire networking as Jörg wanted to share my internet connection but doesn't have AirPort. Worked fine. – Well, it does take a few mouse clicks to activate everything. It's not quite as user friendly yet as it could be. Why can't the computers simply figure out the Right Thing™ once they're connected with a cable? The new overview pane in the network control panel is quite useful when playing with networks like this.

Other research seems to show that sciences are still subject to strange stereotypes – funny ones anyway:

[...] That study revealed that members themselves believe that the typical member is a male in a tweed jacket and that if physicists threw a party there would be sweet white wine, classical music, a selection of cheese and, unquestionably, no dancing. These stereotypes can be damaging to society, some researchers believe. Talented school children might be put off doing physics because they don't see images of people like them on the television, or in magazines.

November 6, 2003, 23:06

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