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Long standing wishes

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Today we indulged in – well, not really indulged but submitted ourselves to – the world of shopping, buying everything from pasta to flour to fruit to a giant 1,5kg glass of nutella.

The latter included a free mail-in thing where you get the infamous 'nutella scraper' which basically looks like a dull knife but is allegedly specially shaped to be perfect for scraping nutella out of its glass. Having a long and intense tradition in eating nutella, I've wanted one since I was little. – Yet nobody really thought this would be worth to spend money on. Looks like I'm going to get one after all.

strange information on nutella label On the nutella website I've also found an FAQ which probably is the question that bugs any (German?) nutella eater most: What's the best in skimmed milk?

Mit "das Beste aus entrahmter Milch" sind die Nährstoffe in der Milchtrockenmasse gemeint. Das sind insbesondere der "Knochenbauer" Kalzium sowie die anderen Milchsalze Magnesium, Phosphor und Jod, die Vitamine B2 und E sowie hochwertiges Eiweiß und Milchzucker (Lactose). Die Aufnahme von Kalzium aus dem Darm wird durch Lactose gefördert. Für nutella verwenden wir Magermilchpulver, d.h. durch den Wasserentzug der entrahmten Milch steigen der Nährstoff-, Mineralstoff- und Vitamin-Gehalt.
Not too thrilling, is it?

Another thing that my life has had too little of is cotton candy. Rumors have it that this related to the fact that back in the days when my dad still carried me around on his shoulders I considered sticking cotton candy into his hair a fun thing to do. I will make the best of the annoying christmas market that has conquered all of downtown (and that reeks of mulled wine) and buy some there.

On the other hand, I will have a slightly bad conscience when doing this as cotton candy may be an even worse rip-off than popcorn.

Finally, and most excitingly, another long standing wish of mine is an iPod. It looks like my persistent wishing bore fruit and my parents are prepared to look into that topic now. With free engravings being included by Apple these days, the big question is what to engrave. Two times 27 characters isn't much. My idea is that the engraving should be music related or perhaps from literature, philosophy or maths – although the latter two may be a bit too pretentious. Options I've come up with so fare are:

More ideas?

December 6, 2003, 20:03


Comment by d.w.: User icon

My all-time favorite palindrome, and the phrase I’d probably use:

A man, a plan – a canal: Panama.

December 7, 2003, 18:40

Comment by ssp: User icon

That’s a very cool palindrome.

I think I’ll go for the Led Zep one after all - although I’ve pondered Where is my mind? this afternoon as well.

Funny that so many of the good ones are questions.

December 8, 2003, 0:02

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