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Just a little question for the computer/Mac/??? experts out there. There's the little tool xsmbrowser that I use to browser our Windows network as Apple's Finder is still too broken to do that properly.

xsmbrowser runs by invoking expectk (which seems to be somehow related to Tcl/Tk, the stuff that makes Alphatk run, suck and be ugly) and then opening X11 windows. As I am the master of breaking Fink installations beyond repair, I somehow killed my expectk and was both annoyed and happy that there were two more copies of it on my hard drive (don't ask me where they come from). A little path changing later, xsmbrowser would launch again, but its window wasn't as ugly as usual because it wasn't X11. Now that's nice. The bad thing is: I can't use it because I can't activate it. Just get the message SetFrontProcess failed,-606.

Any hints?

January 7, 2004, 1:31


Comment by Andy: User icon

Hey, I’m trying to install xsmbrowser and I don’t have expectk on my system (10.3.2). I do have “/usr/bin/expect”, and I have installed tcl/tk via Fink. I have been trying to use regular expect, but xsmbrowser won’t open!

Where did you get expectk?? I need this!

January 24, 2004, 16:49

Comment by ssp: User icon

I seem to have two copies of expectk: One in /usr/local/bin - which I thought came with the system, but which I may have installed from somewhere and forgotten about since. The other one in /sw/bin, as installed from the expect package in Fink.

The latter one works with X11 (only), while the first one seems to use Aqua but is unusable on my machine as it’s windows won’t come to the front.

Should you find a way to get the Aqua based expectk to run reasonably, please let me know.

January 25, 2004, 21:16

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