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Göttingen Syndrome

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There's the well-known Stockholm Syndrome, along with its musical spinoffs, by Yo La Tengo (nice), Muse (tolerable), as of lately Blink 182 (sic!) and, according to iTMS, The Electric Hellfire Club (noisy). I know this because of my latest venturing into themed playlists in the form of my Around The World playlist. Further additions are welcome! Like the playlist webpage? Then get iTunes XHTML playlist or my own dumbed down version of the tool.

And then there is the Göttingen Syndrome. Unlike the original, it is actually linked to the place. The main feature of that syndrome is that you'll consider even the most negligible distances as 'far' and that you'll insist on using your bike for any journey of more than 50 metres. Your mind starts thinking 'Why walk in five minutes if you can cycle in two?' and is thus completely fucked up. Particularly for short distances, it sometimes feels a bit obsessive and useless as you'll probably use more than the time saved on the way to find a good spot to park your bike and lock it adequately.

September 29, 2004, 21:57

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