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Good Bye America

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Judging from what the media say, our American friends treated themselves to some more years of stupid corruption. At least they may actually have chosen this themselves this time. Bad luck. But you don’t deserve any better.

Of course you also screwed the rest of the world with this. And while we’re trying to be happy and open-minded people, I wonder whether it wouldn’t help to make the rest of the world a bit less comfortable for U.S. residents. A bit of fingerprinting and other checks at the border here. Some not-letting in people from mid-west at other places… While I don’t really believe in this thing, punishing the people who voted for the moron would just feel good.

On the other hand we can try to make the best of this world full of pollution, weapons and general stupidity. With the U.S. already being, and presumable becoming more, xenophobic (just ask people from ‘poor’ countries like Romania or Ukraine who have proper jobs at German universities how they are treated by the American embassy when wanting to visit a conference over there…), perhaps we can draw more of the important science events to Europe.

Uh-oh. Probably more things to say, but who cares…

November 3, 2004, 13:12


Comment by ckd: User icon

This poll shows that Americans who actually have passports and travel internationally were Kerry supporters 58% to 35%. Please think about who that would actually punish.

Really want to hurt the Midwestern states that went Bush? Don’t buy US foodstuffs (grain, meat, etc). Don’t punish travelers from Cambridge, MA for the votes of Topeka, KS.

November 4, 2004, 20:16

Comment by Michael: User icon

Hey, don’t blame us Pennsylvanians — we went for Kerry!

November 4, 2004, 22:11

Comment by d.w.: User icon

The theocrats here (think seersucker suits and polyester stretch pants instead of burkhas) drove up the turnout by appealing to homophobia and xenophobia in Jesusland. They call this pandering to fear and division “moral values.”

We uppity northern city dwellers have different ideas.

November 5, 2004, 1:41

Comment by ssp: User icon

I can see how most things we can do over here may mostly affect the people who didn’t vote for Bush. But it’s probably hard to affect those people at all. Particularly if you’re not a dog or a god or something.

But this is probably the ugly side of democracy. If you lose it’s still your government. Even if it’s a radical one.

I also don’t think that the whole separation of election results by state makes any sense. At the end of the day every other American who went to vote voted for Bush.

As for U.S. foodstuffs. At least I hope I don’t eat any of those (they have all the hormones, GM and other junk as well). Actually for most of the food I eat I am pretty confident that it’s from Europe.

November 5, 2004, 16:24

Comment by ssp: User icon

Haha, Michael: Looks like even in Pennsylvania the outcome was pretty much 50:50. So in total it seems to be pretty average.

November 5, 2004, 16:36

Comment by REX: User icon

Kind of interesting how succesful they are at manipulating us (what does this say about us?). “Divide and conquer” is still as true today as it was in the old days. Why then we keep playing the game for them?. Sven’s comments are welcome, we all feel bitter for lack of a better word, but the truth, as someone pointed out, is that this is not a “we vs. them” problem. EU is full of Jerks, Berlusconi, Chirac (ask your Argelian friends if you are in doubt, or ask Jospin -do you still remember the bundles of money to LePen?-), and what about the 55% of people in Holland that support Bush (no big surprise here, Shell being the largest exporter of oil from the east), or what about the EU sponsored companies sucking every drop of blood from latinamerica etc. etc.

However, what do I gain from telling you what you already know?. Should we close all doors to EU citizens in Latinoamerica? I feel there are very good people there (to start counting with my family who still leave there :-)

There is the people in power (Kerry would not have made a bit of a difference as the Tories will not make a bit of a difference when they replace Tony B), and the rest of us, pennyless and powerless and what is worst: willing to play their game of divide and conquer!. Are we so innept that we can not figure out ways to help each other and oppose this craze without reducing the argument to a simplistic terrirorial one: “we vs. them”?. Doesn’t this make us one of them in a way?.

Even if I was the only person that did not vote for the Jerk in this country, (or even more so, for that reason) you do not have the right to bundle me with them.

I feel this bothers me even more than the elections these days. The fact that there are no options because my friends seem as willing (and eager) to rape me as my enemies.

Sad world we live in. R.

PS: Recommended reading: Take a look at the microfilms of the newspapers around the world in 1939. You will be surprise how many countries blamed the Jews for what was going on in Germany. Today, without knowing or willing you are blaming every opresed black and latino in USA. Think about it.

November 6, 2004, 1:41

Comment by blogo: User icon

Hmmm, what exactly do you mean the americans screwed everyone in the process by electing Bush?

I do believe that anti-Bush rhetoric is unfounded. The only arguments I see are “Jerk” “Jesus Lover” and “Greed”. Gimme a break. You are fools if you believe the world is in fact a fuzzy wozzy place that Bush messed up. It’s all good when the american army with their tanks and nukes are in Germany to face the Russians in the cold war. But now they “screwed us big time”! HAH, how exactly dude?

Yey, let’s all be happy and hold hands, let the taliban decapitate, the Iranians proliferate(nukes) and nuke Israel, cuz they’re the cause off all this anyway, just like World War 2.

November 12, 2004, 2:49

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