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The Weekend

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This weekend brought my dad and brother over to visit. We went to have some cake and, later on, dinner – sampling the mediocricity of Göttingens better cuisines. They also brought me a nice collections of teas from my favourite tea store in Bremen. I’ve been a pretty fanatic tea drinker when I was young and still like to keep that up, though not as tremendously as I used to. I am planning to make a ‘tea tasting’ thing for friends soon, so I wanted to have a good selection of teas around.

Tea is quite a nice drink and, compared to wine, say, it’s a rather cheap one as well. It also got cheaper in the past years. When I was thirteen or so and started being into tea, the first ‘very good’ tea my parents got me was the first flush Darjeeling from the Risheehat tea garden. Back then, it cost 15 Marks per 100g which I considered quite a lot of money at the time. Today it’s €6,50. Not only does that work out to be less than 13 Marks – it also doesn’t take into account inflation. Assuming a modest 2 per cent of per year, the price for a pack of the tea should be just shy of ten Euros today. So I suppose that’s globalisation working like a charm for us in Europe once again… and people over in India getting screwed a bit more than they used to. More about food from other continents in a second.

On Sunday, I went to a lunch barbecue with my brother. Actually this was the third barbecue (in Germany) I had this year, so the ‘Angrillen’ had already been done. Food was fine and after bringing my brother to the station I went to the cinema to see Sophie Scholl.

Oh and the pope died — causing telly to go crazy. This really isn’t important enough to take more than two thirds of the news. In fact, it’s just a one line news item. People seem to have mixed opinions on whether he was a good pope or not. From my point of view he wasn’t a great guy, but seeing that you wouldn’t expect the guy who’s running the catholic church to be modern or reasonable, perhaps he wasn’t too bad on a relative scale? At least we’ll get to see the whole pope voting procedure with a lot of old religious men being locked up for while now. I’ve known about this forever, but I was one or two when it happened the last time, so I’ve never seen it before.

April 3, 2005, 23:43

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