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Uh, the Powerbook situation isn’t improving too much. After doing some more disassembly and some helpful hints I am pretty sure that the screen cables are not the problem. Instead, it seems like pushing or tilting the Powerbook a little can make it work again - temporarily. But as I don’t know what precisely causes the problem and what resolves it it’s a bit of a lottery to get it to work and to keep it running.

According to the helpful people at the Apple forum and our admin, this looks like there could be a broken contact or something - possibly caused by the heat these days… and it’s apparently really hard to find out where the problem is and seeing the size of the things on the logic board even harder to fix once you located it. Bummer!

On a slightly better note, when asking our admin for some Torx drivers and similar tools, he reminded me that there’s still a broken Pismo Powerbook in the department’s posession from a professor who left a while ago. Basically it’s been sitting on a shelf ‘broken’ for a few years now and nobody cared for it. I offered to have a look at it months ago but that never happened… Seeing that I was repairing stuff, our admin suggested I have a look at his Powerbook as well. And as luck would have it I had it running again after a few minutes. The old problem with the processor not sitting in there properly. While I do wonder how it should’ve come loose without anybody tinkering with the hardware, that at least means that there’s a running Powerbook around here now. Which I can use while trying to figure out mine.

So there now is a running Pismo Powerbook which hadn’t been used for years with OS9, 64MB of RAM and a 6GB hard drive. Hehe. Luckily the early TiBooks and the Pismo Powerbooks are quite similar and I could simply pop in some memory and the hard drive from my Powerbook, thus mostly restoring my normal work environment. I think our admin guy was quite impressed by this working so smoothly.

Still, I’d rather have my own Powerbook back running…

July 15, 2005, 10:41

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