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Spreading Shirts

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A while ago I made some shirt designs and found the company spreadshirt who did a good job printing them in a cool way that no other internet service seems to use. Even after a year of wearing the shirts regularly, they still were in a very good condition.

Shirt with a loud speaker on it Over time there have been some requests for the ‘speaker’ shirt by people from outside Germany. As the shirt printing company was German and didn’t ship directly to many countries, the effort and price of letting people have the shirt was too big to be reasonable.

However, time passed and spreadshirt are now shipping to more countries in Europe and have opened a subsidiary in North America. Which means, many more people can easily get the shirts now if they’re interested. The American shop offers a slightly different range of apparel than the German one. Unfortunately that includes the shirt which I used to put the speaker on. So I made a few alternate designs and put them in a new shop. Have a look at them and get one if you wish. Or drop a line if you’d like a different colour or other change.

European store
Shipping to Germany for €2,50 and to the rest of Europe for €3 or €4.
American store
Shipping to the U.S. for $5, to Canada and Mexico for $7 and to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China or Korea for $11.

Once you’ve gotten yourself one of these, why not take a photo of yourself wearing it and tag it as sspshirts on Flickr?

August 30, 2005, 1:49

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