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In the past week there were a number of elections world wide. From Japan to Norway, from New Zealand to Afghanistan. And to Germany today as well. The previous federal elections are only three years back and we are just having these because the chancellor wanted them now for reasons that are hard to understand.

So we all went to primary schools today, made our little crosses with blunt pencils and are now waiting for the results to indicate which worst case scenario is going to happen in the coming years. The current red (i.e. social democrat) and green government will have to go and make place for something worse. Which of the possible options will happen and which will be worst is to be seen.

Now excuse me while I listen to politicians bitching, lying and spinning while enjoying some fried eggs I make in the cool little iron pan than Jan-Philipp and Wiebke gave me for my birthday.

Egg fried in the little pan

September 18, 2005, 18:41

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