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Odd observation at my parents’ house: Running their microwave will kill or at least significantly slow down the Airport network, even though there are at least five metres between both. That was observed because I streamed music from my computer in the basement via the access point on the first floor to the Powerbook on the ground floor using iTunes sharing (a handy way of bringing music to computers that don’t have any if you were a good boy and bought CDs instead of the iTMS crap). That worked without a glitch during the holidays but there were extended periods of silence today which I considered to be odd.

Finally I heard the microwave beep and then the music started again. So it was easy to figure out what had happened. Still very odd, though. While I was aware that those ‘modern’ wireless technologies operate at microwave frequencies, I hadn’t thought there’d the that much interference or radiation coming out of the microwave. Thinking about it, one might come to the conclusion that it only takes a very tiny leakage from the powerful microwave oven for its signal to be stronger than the network’s.

Or is the microwave broken? It’s a very old one and it looks like its shielding is very solid, though. Lots of metal in there, much more than you see in current microwaves.

While on the topic of microwaves, I simply have to add a link to my ancient Microwaves erode society post, simply because its stolen title is one of the best titles ever.

arte had an evening focusing on music videos tonight. Quite interesting with many video clips, particularly from the early days which I missed. It did suggest, though, that staying abreast of the trends in the genre of the music video in the past decades didn’t require more effort than making sure you saw the latest Madonna, Michael Jackson and Queen videos. Hmmm.

December 31, 2005, 0:24

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