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Acrobat 8

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Hehe, sounds like Adobe outdid themselves once more by punishing people with an outrageously stupid installer. I essentially lost respect for that product when they released version 6 to dumb down the name. And I had no need to use it after Mac OS X.3 was released, so I don’t need to care. In fact, a careful look at my hard drive gives this:

Acrobat Reader icon in the Finder with information displayed

So, I’m not only a few versions behind the state of the art in PDF reading, I also haven’t touched the damn thing for a while – at least not since upgrading to X.4 (I think that’s what a non-existant ‘last opened’ date means). And it hasn’t done me any harm. Using Preview and the PDF plugin for Safari did just fine.

Of course there will be people or rather businesses who ‘need’ the more advanced features of Acrobat Reader, but luckily I’m not one of them.

December 8, 2006, 1:48

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