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Broken Camera

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During the christmas days my little digital camera broke again. While Canon’s customer service wasn’t too bad the first time, I’d much prefer for things to ‘just work’ rather than to find myself with a camera that won’t turn on (and that won’t turn on after inserting a freshly charged battery either) during the holidays. While the photographic loss wasn’t dramatic as there were plenty of other cameras around, having to go through the whole customer service ordeal was.

I first tried using Canon’s web site for the process. But I soon gave up on that because it forced me to choose a topic for the support incident. Unfortunately ‘broken camera’ or ‘camera not working’ wasn’t offered as an option there:

menu from Canon web site for choosing the topic of a support incident

So I went and used the phone instead. The wait was less than a minute on that one and they still had my e-mail address and the old case number on record (handy in this case, but shouldn’t companies delete data they don’t really need?) which I could just re-use for sending stuff in. So my camera has been sent in to be fixed once more. And I hope to have it back soon.

All this leaves me with the feeling that things have a tendency to break in my hands. Whether it’s hardware or software, I just see things fail by far too frequently these days. And I don’t even think I put too much stress on them. Sure, I want to use them to the best of their capabilities, but why do I always need to run into problems when trying to do so?

January 3, 2007, 0:07

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