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MacBook Trackpad Fix

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My MacBook came with one of those wobbly trackpad buttons which doesn’t click firmly and thus doesn’t give good feedback on my actions. While annoying to have such a low quality feel in the machine, this didn’t affect me too much in practice as I hardly use the trackpad button because I prefer tapping the trackpad itself.

All I tried to ‘fix’ the problem was that little origami hack which unfortunately didn’t do the trick for me. One time the paper I inserted was too thick – removing the ability to click the button at all, another time it probably was too thin, and then it must have moved while I inserted the battery and then I was fed up. But after I got my new battery last week I noticed that the button’s feel had improved considerably. While that was welcome, I was a bit suspicious about this – having heard about those swelling battery problems people had on some computers, so I had another look. It turned out that the guy forgot to remove a protective foil that is stuck on the top of the battery before inserting it into the computer. And I guess that just has the right extra thickness to make the button a good clicking one.

So while I am tempted to just leave it in there now, I am also worried it might be bad for the system or play a role in the computer running hotter (or at least running its fan more audibly) recently. I guess I’ll have to double check with the repair people again for extra advice. (And since I got the new battery I swear that I have seen screen flicker on the machine again… I really hope this is not going to be an eternal saga!)

January 24, 2007, 0:59

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