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… as ever. Not only because I saw this Google ad on our site:

Ad for 'Checker'

which amused me a lot. Not matter how badly I think about eBay and no matter that I don’t have the slightest idea what this could be an ad for, it certainly is a well-matched ad for our site with all its Checkers on it.

And elsewhere, in the Unicode world, I realised that it’s perfectly possible to add not one, not two, not three but simply all Latin accents on the letter ‘a’. Which gives an monstrous combination:

A with a number of accents attached to it

A little investigation revealed that dealing with this is a way to make Cocoa Text Editors crash happy, causes Apple Spell to consume 100% CPU ever after and Twitter (which in terms of site slowness and unreliability seems to aim at becoming the new Technorati…) only let me post the string at the umpteenth attempt. I particularly enjoy the smiley face about six accents above the a:

This and the following are contained in a textarea not just for convenient copy and pasting but also to make browsers fail less when displaying them.

March 17, 2007, 0:48

Tagged as accent, unicode.

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