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Psycho Night

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Tonight I DJed for the psychologists once again. The party was fun but not as crowded as the last time – presumably due to some other big party being on as well. Which left us with a club that was well-filled but not crowded.

While large parts of the audience really liked my music the last time, the ratio wasn’t as good this time and there were more people who enjoyed the music played by the other DJs but which I completely dislike (think 2Unlimited). Yet, people were also eager to request popular indie stuff from Franz Ferdinand to the Caesars with the Arctic Monkeys getting a whole heap of requests. I tried my best to include that with the stuff I wanted to play.

Most amusing are vague requests for a general change of the music style. And that within a minute I had one person asking for slower, poppier music and another one for faster, harder music – both implying that anything else bored pretty much everybody.

Unfortunately I had some sound problems when using the MacBook to play. The right channel always ended up being less loud and slightly distorted. With two different connection cables and two different input channels on the mixing desk. So I tried to limit myself to the stuff I brought along on CDs as much as possible. I’ll have to double check this but I really hope this was just a general quirk there rather than yet another problem with the computer. I hadn’t noticed such a problem before.

April 26, 2007, 3:13

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