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Apple Cake Recipe

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Here comes the recipe for a simple and refreshing Apple cake that has been mentioned in an older post.



You will need a medium sized bowl and a hand mixer for this. Pre-heating the oven to 200°C is a good step to start.

Make sure the butter isn’t too cold and hard and mix it for a short while so it becomes a bit creamy. Then add the sugar and mix for a little, then add the eggs (3 small ones, 2 will do if you get XL eggs) as well as the lemon zest (or a little lemon flavour powder/essence) and continue mixing for a while. You should have thinnish creamy mass after this. Keep mixing and add the baking powder and flower as well as a bit of milk. Dose the milk such that the dough remains quite soft (like muffin dough, say). Then put the dough into a well-greased spring form of 26-28cm diameter.

Now peel the apples, remove the pips and core and cut it into four to six wedges. Make about four length-wise cuts in the outer side of the wedges. These will open up a little during baking and give the cake a great look. Then put the wedges on the batter and press them in slightly.

That’s it. All that remains to do is baking the cake for around 45 minutes at 200°C and to enjoy it. I recommend serving the cake with a bit of icing sugar on top, slightly cooled with freshly whipped cream.

The cake can also be made with virtually any other fruit. Cherries work well, particularly those from a glass. And fresh rhubarb is definitely worth a try. For an extra twist you can add almond slivers on top before baking. The photo below shows the cake with apples and rhubarb:

apple rhubarb cake

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