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Mail quirk

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I am wondering whether I am the only one seeing the following problem from time to time. It’s really driving my mad.

When typing a message in Mail I may have some text sitting there with the cursor being after the last letter:

Editing text in Mail

Then I hit the space bar which inserts a space as expected. But it also changes the line break:

Same text with different line break

That is odd! Adding text in the bottom line shouldn’t change the lines above it in an unsophisticated text system like Cocoa’s. Particularly when you are using a monospaced font. And it’s just darn distracting when the words you type change their position on screen for every word you type.

This problem doesn’t always happen and I really wonder who is to blame. Could it be a fault of WebKit or perhaps another aspect of the problem OS X sometimes has with Monaco 10pt?

May 4, 2007, 1:34

Tagged as Mac OS X.

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