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State elections

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We – and some neighbouring states – are having elections for the state parliament this weekend. While it looks fairly likely that the horrible people in Lower Saxony (aka state of mass animal production) will re-elect our nasty Ministerpräsident again – in neighbouring Hessen it looks like it might at least get close for their Ministerpräsident (aka Hessenhitler) this time since he brought up the ‘popular’ topic of sending more kids to jail which even went a bit too far for parts of his dumb audience.

At least there’s a bit of hope when seeing campaign ads as in the image below: Things aren’t too bad as long as the far right parties need to put their ads so high up the lamp posts that passer-bys can’t easily reach and destroy them. It might be interesting to study whether their height varies depending on your location and whether that’s correlated to election results.

January 26, 2008, 8:55

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