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feet with sandals
We finally managed to choose the new flatmate, who is going to move in today or tomorrow. Of course this means that Dirk moved out today and we had his big farewell party on Friday. Lots of people were here - including a few wearing sandals , which my brother was so intrigued of that he couldn't resist taking a photo. This kind of footwear is quite a (non-) fashion statement and while I sort-of accepted that it seems to be made in maths departments throughout the world, having it in my very own living-room was scary. This reminds me of someone telling me recently that upon enrolling for a maths degree he thought that doing maths causes food odour problems after he saw many people wearing sandals. I am happy to say that my feet are fine - still.

3 Macs and 1 Elk
With my brother being here, his shiny new iMac arrived and we used the time to fool around with it a bit. The postman came to bring it only a few hours after the party ended. So the joy about it's arrival wasn't immediate. Everybody in our flat who saw it, wanted to have one as well...

September 29, 2002, 12:15

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