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Afterwards I realised that the Last Night of the Proms was on - thanks to the co-operation of European public television stations. It sure looks like great fun and a brilliant atmosphere, with people from all over the world waving their flags and humming along. I think the BBC is doing a great job by organising the whole Proms season - allegedly they had over 250000 visitors in less than 80 concerts and more then a million people listening to it on the radio each week. This is bringing 'serious' music to the people. In particular it is being made affordable - when I visited Dave in London last year, £3 [apparently it's been £4 this year] bought us a ticket for a concert - standing in the middle arena of Royal Albert Hall - which meant that after a bit of pushing people we were up close and personal with the orchestra when the show started.

And that was great. Normally I don't like classical concerts for two reasons: For one, given the tickets I can afford, I'll sit at the far end of the hall. So I won't be able to hear or see much as everything is very small and, frankly, I think the music isn't loud enough. Secondly, you have to behave well, sit properly [you know the theory that you can tell cultural events by the fact that you have to sit uncomfortably for extended periods of time?] etc. Both of this reasons make listening to classical (or 'serious' as I'd better say) music on a CD much more appealing than going to a live concert. But with the Proms it's just different. You get these standing tickets for a pittance and can be really close to the orchestra - actually being able to hear it loudly, but also being able to differentiate more between the different instruments due to their locations on stage. To top it off, people going there seem to be uniquely relaxed about the experience. I'd quite like staying in London for a summer, just to be able to go there regularly.

Oh and did I mention that I just couldn't imagine a concert like this happening in Germany? - People just aren't relaxed enough here.

September 15, 2002, 0:30

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