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Wow, so I've got my on blog now. That was quite easy.

I just turned 25, so - in a sweep of life-expectancy-optimism - it's called quarter life crisis. In fact, the last week was quite exciting: Before my birthday I went to visit Richard in Groningen and we went to see the Von Bondies at the Vera club. The place is just amazing. It's small, non-commercial and seems to be mostly run by volunteers. Looking at their old posters it seems that almost any alternative band played there when they were small. Did I mention that tickets for the gig were only €6?

Anyway, the band was good. Although they looked a bit bored by their playing, songs were nice and short and quite rock'n'roll. The support band, The Datsuns weren't quite as good. Possibly the fact that their singer tries to look like Placebo's Brian Molko while they're trying to play proper rock music don't go together too well. Songs were a bit long and boring for my taste, too.

Next I visited my family in Bremen to celebrate into my birthday. On the way I picked up a couple of records: Pavement's Brighten The Corners LP, Hefner's Boxing Hefner LP, the Pixies newly released Pre 4AD Demos LP and the Flaming Lips' new Yoshimi battles the Pink Robots CD. In fact my parents decided to pay for the latter one and give it to me as a present as it has a 25 on its cover art.

In fact, birthday time is present time and I also got a new traveling bag with wheels from my parents, a 1986 fully operational Macintosh SE that my dad saved from being shredded, a satirical book from my brother, another one from Robert and a 'hot stone' cooking device from my other friends. Lots of fun to be had there.

Also, I had breakfast with my school-friend Jean; Steffen and me finally got our own non-.mac-ripoff website; travelled on a train that was entirely booked and had to move when a party of 140 (!) people with booked seats came in; had a birthday party at my flat; ... and a hangover afterwards; rejoiced that our chancellor doesn't want to help a moron bomb out another moron for no good reason - and I ordered a pizza.

On Monday I remembered that my bike was still at the bike-park, so I picked it up. As they also have a nice electric pump for the tyres, I decided to use it - and burst my tyre doing that. Silly me. So now I've spent a lot of money for getting it fixed and I also had it washed - as a sort of compensation for the poor bike.

Next things to do are replying to a few e-mails and preparing an introductory talk on Riemann Surfaces. But tonight friends are coming over first.

September 10, 2002, 12:24

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