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In the slow lane

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I got on the motorway to Aachen after seminars yesterday - and predictably going by car was a pain, it being Friday afternoon and all. Germans seem to love construction on the Autobahn even more than the Autobahn itself, judging from the number of construction sites with narrow lanes and going slowly.

Perhaps I should've gone by train after all - it would've been a bit slower and less convenient in terms of getting around between places here - but I could've spent the time of the journey reading or writing things, which is probably a much better use of time than steering a car.

After I arrived in Aachen, I realised the black and white print of the coloured map Steffen had sent me wasn't as legible as it was on screen and predictably I got lost. However, rather miraculously, I ended up standing just in front of the correct road. Magic.

November 16, 2002, 14:35

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