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One out of Six

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After another card from our advent-calendar Memory gameuni I went and met with Leif in a pub to have a cider and play darts. I am not particularly good at it and Leif has one of those electronic dart boards at home, so I'd say while he doesn't seem overly amitious, he's got a slight advantage... and it showed. I am still in favour of the theory that throwing without aiming at anything makes you more successful than aiming. And returning to that theory, I actually won the last game (it was close, though). Joy!

Then I had to return home quickly as there were some eBay auctions running out. Unfortunately I was a few minutes too late, so they were ending within a minute or two and I only managed to win one of them. Bugger!

So two times one out of six, that's about one in three - trust me, I'm a mathematician.

Did I mention that it's freezing cold? They introduced that concept of perceived temperature (go Google for it yourself, I refuse linking to sites that specify their data in ° Fahrenheit) a couple of years ago. On the news they said it will be less than -10°C tonight with the perceived temperature being a whopping -38°C in some parts of the country.

December 10, 2002, 0:05

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