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X bashing

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Just let me do a bit more OSX bashing: Firstly, as is obvious to most people, Apple's ‘brushed metal’ window look may have been stylish and not-too-different on OS 9 in the late nineties but it just looks horrible and out of place between Aqua pin-stripes in OSX. Luckily there's a cure against this for most cases.

Even worse, Apple just changed the look of those windows slightly, writing silly tech note about it. This way there are three different kinds of metal windows, the new look ones by Cocoa applications and the arbitrary look ones as in iTunes or QuickTime Player. All done by the company who preach(ed) user interface consistency and æsthetic integrity. Bummer.

I bumped into this when downloading the latest update for iCal and trying to find out what it improved. After the previous update that improved the application's speed from appaling to tolerable was only out for a few days this seemed an interesting question. As usual, Apple's information on this can be described as non-existant or useless. People tend to say though that there was a severe bug causing data corruption. Yet another one, I should add.

January 6, 2003, 23:47

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