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Yesterday and today we had help marking the solutions of pupils for some maths competition. Doing that kind of marking isn't particularly interesting, although it's sometimes quite funny to read the more amusing answers out aloud – for example when people know they didn't get a solution and then try to make some witty remarks or when they're so far away from being correct...

We marked the exercises of 11th to 13th graders and this was the third round of the competition. So I expected the people coming to be rather good. I was wrong with that. Surely, the exercises they get aren't easy or obvious, but still many of the answers seemed to lack basic understanding or formal technique. Many people got really bad marks, which I found quite depressing. If these people are among the best pupils then what does it tell us about those who aren't good. And how will Germany compare internationally?

February 22, 2003, 19:49

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