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White Stripes

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The White Stripes seem to 'have made it'. They were on so many magazine covers recently, including Germany's Rolling Stone and Intro magzines. I also saw posters advertising their new album in the Underground while I was in London.

They even had a full-page interview in our daily newspaper today. In the interview they pointed out their not-liking of new technology, pointing out that their new album – will have to get it sooner rather than later – was produced entirely on analogue gear. They also seem to be sceptical about modern means of 'communication' using mobile phones and the internet.

While at the topic of The White Stripes, I have to mention the re-run of the Fast Forward episode with the White Stripes I saw shortly before leaving for my holiday. It was recorded in a hotel room with Jack sitting on the bed doing the talking and Meg lying there, sleeping. The songs they played were

As the show was a repeat broadcast, I wonder when it was recorded. Apparently they played in Hamburg the same day. I was at their Hamburg gig last spring. But were the Beth Gibbons and Johnye Cash records already out by then? I tried to find out on the web but couldn't find another gig. I found a collection of songs and videos instead.

April 5, 2003, 4:32

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